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Mark 4PL - Five Beam Self-Leveling Laser Level
David White - Helping America Build... Since 1895
Helping America Build... Since 1895  

David White Mark 4 PL - Five Beam Self-Leveling Laser LevelThe job demands precision. You demand speed & performance. The M4PL delivers.
Plumb, Level and Square Instantly up to 100 feet!
  • Self-leveling highly focused laser beams
    Provides accuracy of 1/4-in at 100 ft.

  • Self-leveling “Laser Chalkline”
    For numerous indoor jobs

  • Flashing “out-of-level” sensor
    Eliminates rechecks and costly errors

  • Tough on the jobsite
    Resists water, dirt & dust


Level, Square, Plumb and Grade with the Mark 4PLWhat Can You Do with the Mark 4PL Laser?

Plumbers–When installing pipe between floors, use for transferring a point from floor to ceiling to ensure holes are drilled in alignment

Electricians–Ensure that conduit is installed in alignment; align ceiling light fixtures with points on
the floor

Builders/Remodelers–Plumb, align and square wall studs, frames, columns, posts, deck footings; square foundations, transfer reference points between floor and ceiling for sprinkler systems, HVAC systems, skylights, recessed lighting; masonry work

Finish Carpenters–Transfer floor patterns to ceiling for decorative work; level cabinets, shelving and counter tops, align trim work

Plus many more uses for interior decorators, do-it-
yourselfers, machinery installers, drywallers,
and more!


Mark 4 PL Product Specifications          Mark 4PL 5 Beam Self-Leveling Laser Level

Mark 4PL Laser Kit + Optional Track Alignment TrivetMark 4PL Laser Kit Includes:

M4PL Laser, Universal Mount, Plumb Trivet, Target, Strap & Carrying Case.

TAP Adapter - Track Alignment Trivet (also shown)

David White Mark 4PL Laser
David White Mark 4PL Self-Leveling Laser Kit
Out of Stock
Mark 4PL Self-Leveling Laser Kit
Includes M4PL Laser, Universal Mount, Plumb Trivet, Target, Strap & Carrying Case.
David White Mark 4PL Accessories
Track Alignment Trivet - 58-TAP
Out of Stock
Track Alignment Trivet for M4PL
Trivet, Track Alignment, for M4PL
Out of Stock
Plumb Trivet for M4PL
Trivet, Plumb, for M4PL
Out of Stock
Universal Magnetic Mount
Mount-Universal, Magnetic
Quick Release Mount, Magnetic for M4PL - 58-MPMOUNT
Out of Stock
Quick Release Mount, Magnetic for M4PL
Mount-Quick Release, Magnetic, for M4PL
Laser Glasses for Improved Visability of Red Lasers
Out of Stock
Laser Glasses for Red Lasers
Improves visibility of red laser beams under bright conditions or over distances. Great for use with either rotary or straight-line laser tools which project a visible red beam. One size fits all.


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