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Construction Books
Builder's Construction Books, References and Guides for Builders and Construction Contractors

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Construction Books

Basic Lumber Engineering for Builders
Basic Lumber Engineering for Builders
Learn To Calculate Stresses for Pre-Engineered Wood and Wood Structural Members
Beam and lumber requirements for many jobs aren’t always clear, especially with changing building codes and lumber products. Most of the time you rely on your own "rules of thumb" when figuring spans or lumber engineering. This book can help you fill the gap between what you can find in the building code span tables and what you need to pay a certified engineer to do. FREE Software included for wood beam sizing.
Be a Successful Building Contractor
Be a Successful Building Contractor
Ins and Outs of Starting & Running a
Profitable Construction Business
Packed with fast track building code facts, tips and techniques, and quick calculations, this practical resource helps building contractors define their business requirements, select a business structure, manage jobs efficiently, locate desirable building lots, build on speculation, computerize their operations, understand financial transactions, hire top-notch employees--and avoid common pitfalls.
Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction: Materials, Finishes and Details - Hard-cover - 1
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Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction: Materials, Finishes and Details
The Most Comprehensive Guide to Construction Material Selection and Installation

It takes a wise choice of building materials and details to create durable, attractive, and affordable custom homes and remodeling projects. Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction provides up-to-date, field-tested recommendations that help professionals balance cost and performance when designing and building residential projects. This one-stop resource covers the real-world challenges of material selection and installation so designers, contractors, and building owners can make informed decisions for all major building components. Useful to architects, designers, and specifiers—as well as contractors, builders, and developers.
Builders Instant Answers
Builder's Instant Answers
The Book Builders Turn to When They Need an Answer FAST!
Whether you’re a construction professional who needs a solution-oriented, quick-find manual or a homeowner who wants help tackling tough weekend repairs, Builders Instant Answers is the on-the-job resource you should always keep within reach. Its the one book you can count on to solve even the most difficult building problem in minutes! It features just enough text to answer your question -- but not waste your time -- and all the charts, photos, illustrations, and tables you need to speed to a solution.
Building a Successful Construction Company
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Building A Successful Construction Company
Details the Challenges That Contractors Face When Starting a Business

Building a Successful Construction Company is a straightforward, conversational guide that emphasizes how strategic thinking is essential for starting and running a construction company today. With over 10 years of experience consulting on construction business practices, the author has worked with hundreds of companies and knows the tricks of the trade that continually prove successful.
Building Better Homes
Building Better Homes - DVD
A Multimedia Training Program for Builders, Architects and Remodelers
Building Better Homes is a fully-interactive educational tool that demonstrates how to apply the latest building science tools and techniques to residential home construction. The Building Better Homes interactive DVD-ROM breaks new ground in home construction education by teaching cutting-edge, easy-to-access techniques through hands-on video, close-up photos, animation and step-by-step instructions. The program follows the entire construction process step-by-step, with photos of construction details, installation video clips, technical animations, and six hours of interactive construction content. Printable construction drawings, checklists and work forms can be put to use immediately by supervisors, foremen and subcontractors.
Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide to Understanding the 2012 International Building Code
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Building Codes Illustrated: Guide To Understanding The 2012 IBC
A Guide To Understanding the 2012 International Building Code

An easy-to-use, updated illustrated guide to the 2012 International Building Code. This unique reference to the 2012 International Building Code marries the graphic skills of bestselling author Frank Ching with the code expertise of Steven Winkel, FAIA. It pulls out the portions of the building code that are most relevant for the architect and provides an easy-to-understand interpretation in both words and illustrations. Rather than a text-heavy book, this is much more conducive to quick comprehension of the code, presenting information in an exciting user-friendly visual format.
Building Construction Illustrated
Building Construction Illustrated - 2014 Edition
Newly Updated Classic Illustrated Guide to the Basics of Building Construction
For nearly three decades, Building Construction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction. This new edition of the revered classic remains as relevant as ever-providing the latest information. Its rich approach clearly presents all of the basic concepts underlying building construction and equips readers with useful guidelines for approaching virtually any new materials or techniques they may encounter. With its comprehensive and lucid presentation of everything from foundations and floor systems to finish work, Building Construction Illustrated, Fourth Edition equips students and professionals in all areas of architecture and construction with useful guidelines for approaching virtually any new materials or techniques they may encounter in building planning, design, and construction.
Building Construction: Principles, Materials, & Systems (2nd Edition)
Building Construction: Principles, Materials & Systems
Comprehensive and Fully Illustrated Introduction to Construction Methods and Materials
The science of building construction and design is evolving more quickly than ever before. The second edition of this outstanding text builds on the previous version. It incorporates the latest updates available, features hundreds of new pieces of artwork, and is now in FULL COLOR! Written by an author team with decades of experience in architecture, building construction, engineering, and teaching, Building Construction: Principles, Materials & Systems 2nd Edition is a comprehensive and fully illustrated introduction to construction methods and materials.
Building Trades Dictionary
Building Trades Construction Dictionary
4th Edition - Updated dictionary with searchable CD-ROM database
Designed as a comprehensive reference to present terms related to the building trades in a clear, heavily-illustrated style (1,079 Illustrations). An extensive Appendix provides common conversion tables, geometric figures, print symbols, and professional organizations. This outstanding feature is unparalleled in other dictionaries for the building trades. 
Building Your Successful Handyman Business: A guide to starting and operating a profitable contracting business
Building Your Successful Handyman Business
A Guide to Starting & Operating a Profitable Handyman / Contracting Business

Informative guide to help start and grow your handyman business or similar contracting company. Includes access to 65 business forms and templates customizable to your business. The author, Chuck Solomon owns and operates a successful home improvement business serving the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) of North Carolina. This guide is the result of his experience spending many hours starting and growing his own home improvement business.
The Building Process Simplified: A Homeowners and Contractors Guide to Codes, Permits, and Inspections
Building Process Simplified
A Homeowners and Contractors Guide to Codes, Permits and Inspections
If you have ever needed to navigate a home project through code compliance, permits, and the inspection process, but felt intimidated by the complexity of it all, your resource is here. The Building Process Simplified is a straightforward, no-nonsense guide with an abundance of practical examples that clarify otherwise complicated code articles and approved processes. Coverage spans a broad range of topics, from code compliance and permits to the court process and zoning issues, making this a well-rounded, valuable resource for anyone seeking a more in-depth understanding of home projects and their processes.
Building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) - Hardcover
Building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
Strength and energy efficiency through structural panel construction
Every once in a while a new technology comes along that makes its predecessors obsolete. Today, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are in the process of replacing the postwar norm of stick-framed, fiberglass-insulated houses and light commercial buildings. SIPs produce a structurally superior, better insulated, faster to erect, and more environmentally friendly house than ever before possible.
Building Tips and Techniques - For Pros by Pros
Building Tips and Techniques - For Pros By Pros
Over 350 site-proven tips - For over 20 years, Fine Homebuilding readers have consistently picked the Tips and Techniques column as their favorite part of the magazine. It’s easy to understand why. This is the place where veteran carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen share their shortcuts, trade secrets, jigs, and ingenious solutions. With over 350 entries, this collection of job-site gems will help you get the job done better and faster -- and it may even save you some money in the process.
Build Like a Pro Book Series Build Like a Pro Series:
Black & Decker Codes for Homeowners, Updated 3rd Edition: Electrical - Mechanical - Plumbing - Building - Current with 2015-2017 Codes

Codes For Homeowners: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Building - 2014
Make Sure That Your Do-It-Yourself Projects Are Code Compliant
Codes are a fact of life for do-it-yourselfers, but getting good information on codes can be a nightmare. Anyone who has ever opened a code book (or even a code interpretation book) looking for the answer to a building, wiring or plumbing question has found the same thing: a lot of arcane, technical words and cross-referencing, pages of meaningless charts, but no information that make sense

Quick-Card: Construction Essentials-Lumber. Laminated Card
Construction Essentials: Lumber - Laminated Quick-Card
4 Page HVAC Laminated Quick Reference Covers The Essentials Of Lumber Calculations
4 page laminated quick reference card - Construction Essentials-Lumber Quick-Card by Builder s Book. This 4-page card quickly covers the construction essentials you need in lumber: the formulas and rules of thumb for calculating dimensions, surface areas, volume, etc. Special sections focus on specific essentials for each area of lumber.
Construction Master 5 en Espanol (Spanish) -
Construction Master 5 en Español with protective hardcover case
All the great features of the Construction Master 5, but totally in Spanish

For Spanish-speaking Contractors, Builders, and Tradespersons and construction companies with Spanish-speaking employees. The Construction Master 5 En Español is the first Construction-Math calculator designed specifically for Spanish-speaking users. All special function key labels, the LCD display and calculated values are in Spanish. Spanish and English User’s Guides and Quick Start tutorial video are also included.
Construction Materials, Methods and Techniques: Building for a Sustainable Future
Construction Materials, Methods and Techniques
Explore The Most Up-To-Date Green Methods For Residential and Commercial Construction
Offers comprehensive coverage of these topics and presents them using a logical, well-structured format that follows the natural sequence of a construction project. With an emphasis in providing the most current information available, including sustainability and green design, this third edition is fully equipped with content that reflects the 2004 Edition of Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat and information that is based on the input of hundreds of today's top manufacturers and professional and trade organizations
Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods
Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods
Learn The Fundamentals of Machine Utilization and Production Estimating
The Seventh Edition of Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods, follows in the footsteps of the previous editions by providing the reader with the fundamentals of machine utilization and production estimating in a logical, simple, and concise format. This text features expanded coverage of building in today's global environment. Hundreds of photos and illustrations have been added to the seventh edition to make this dynamic text even more accessible to both students and professionals.
Construction Technology: Analysis and Choice
Construction Technology: Analysis and Choice
Learn To Make Decisions About Design, Production, Maintenance and Disposal of Building Using The Latest Construction Technologies

The book takes as its theme the process of choice: what the expert has to know and how he/she might think through the decisions to be made about the design, production, maintenance and disposal of buildings. It is written with the conviction that by focusing on the process of choice, the range of theory and knowledge that is useful to practice becomes explicit, making the link between knowledge and practice, and between understanding and experience.
Construction Waterproofing Handbook
Construction Waterproofing Handbook
Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofing Concepts and Materials

Fully updated to include new techniques for mold remediation, Construction Waterproofing Handbook simplifies the critical task of keeping a building's envelope watertight. It begins with a tutorial on basic waterproofing concepts and materials, then moves on to the particulars of designing and installing systems in commercial, industrial, and residential structures. Written by a renowned expert, this comprehensive guide provides key information on such matters as quality assurance, admixtures, expansion joints, testing, and safety. Because of recent natural disasters, clients are more concerned with waterproofing than ever. Construction Waterproofing Handbook provides everything you'll need to complete the most demanding projects with confidence and within budget.
Design and Layout of Foodservice Facilities - Hard-cover - 3rd
Design and Layout of Foodservice Facilities
A Complete Guide for the Entire Food Service Facility Design Process

In today's fast-moving business climate, the foodservice professional will likely be involved in several facility design projects over his or her career. Design and Layout of Foodservice Facilities, Third Edition provides a comprehensive reference for every step of the process, from getting the initial concept right to the planning, analysis, design, permitting, and construction--in short, everything needed to get to opening day of the new establishment! Packed with valuable drawings, photographs, and charts, this essential guide covers the nuts-and-bolts decisions that make the difference in an effective, efficient foodservice operation, including equipment selection, workflows, and legal compliance

DEWALT Building Code Reference: Based on the 2015  the International Residential Code (DEWALT Series)

DeWalt Building Code Reference - 2015 Edition
Ultimate Construction Code Reference - Based on the 2015 International Residential Code
The ultimate code reference for construction is here. Using the 2015 International Residential Code as its foundation, the DEWALT Building Code Reference provides users with 80 pages of illustrated code requirements, violations, and installation concerns. From wall and floor framing to roof framing to foundations and footings, all the information you need to be successful in the industry is contained in this compact, easy-to-use reference guide. Perfect for use on any jobsite and up-to-date with industry standards, this is a must-have for anyone in the construction field.

DEWALT Building Contractor's Licensing Exam Guide: Based on the 2015 IRC & IBC (DEWALT Series)
DeWalt Building Contractor's Licensing Exam Guide - 2015 Edition
Prepare For Your Exam - Based on the 2015 International Codes

Prepare for your state or county licensing exam with the most comprehensive building contractor's licensing guide on the market today. Developed by an industry leader in contractor education, the DEWALT Building Contractor's Licensing Exam Guide Second Edition provides complete coverage for exams that are based on the 2015 International Building Code® or 2015 International Residential Code®. With topics ranging from code and OSHA requirements to business management and building theory, readers are introduced to critical concepts. They are also given the opportunity to apply their knowledge with sample exams in the book

DEWALT 2015 Residential Construction Codes: Complete Handbook (DEWALT Series)
DeWalt Carpentry and Framing Complete Handbook - 2011 Edition
The Ultimate Handbook for Residential Wood Framing and Construction Topics
Whether you are a seasoned professional or just entering the construction industry, this is the ultimate handbook for residential wood framing and related topics. Packed with powerful, full-color diagrams and an easily understood writing style, DEWALT Carpentry and Framing Complete Handbook does just that by spelling out, through pictures, the step-by-step procedures associated with key carpentry concepts. Text is clear, and straightforward, clarifying and elaborating on the visuals. Coverage begins with house types and foundations, gradually progressing to more complex areas, such as wall and floor framing. The book concludes with a chapter on special topics, which includes an exploration of the construction of stairs, railings, porches, and decks.

DEWALT Construction Estimating Complete Handbook: Excel Estimating Included (DEWALT Series)
DeWalt Construction Estimating Complete Handbook - 2016 Edition
A Real World Guide to Success in Construction Estimating
DEWALT Construction Estimating Handbook is loaded with tips, checklists, worksheets, data tables, and tutorials that will provide readers with the tools they need to effectively navigate through every step of the estimating process. The book focuses on the construction estimating "how-to" essentials and provides on-the-spot answers backed up with graphic examples. With a thorough understanding of the important profit-making factors within the industry, its comprehensive coverage includes marketing, bid planning, scope review, quantity take-off for all trades and divisions, cost analysis, value engineering, Excel spreadsheet estimating, and more. Based on the author's extensive experience in estimating, this valuable resource aims to provide workable solutions to the unprecedented challenges that construction professionals face today, from a weak economy and fierce competition to material price volatilities, skilled labor shortages, and strict regulations.
DEWALT Construction Professional Reference
DeWalt Construction Professional Reference
THE Reference Guide for the Construction Industry.

This outstanding "answer book" is the perfect professional reference for questions concerning basic building disciplines.  The DEWALT® Construction Professional Reference features at-a-glance information on hardware sizing, correct nailing patterns, walls and flooring, doors and door openings, roof pitches, stairway stringers, steel, excavation, masonry, and much more!  With illustrative diagrams and construction documents for use on the jobsite, this valuable reference is sure to be an effective tool from the configuration of a job to its conclusion

DEWALT 2015 Residential Construction Codes: Complete Handbook (DEWALT Series)
DeWalt Residential Construction Codes - Complete Handbook - 2015 Edition
Residential Construction Code Handbook Updated To 2015 International Residential Code
The DEWALT Residential Construction Codes Complete Handbook uses the 2015 International Residential Code to cover the most common code requirements for building one- or two-family dwellings, and presents them to users in an easy to navigate and easy to understand format. Sections cover the wide range of residential construction topics that must meet IRC mandates, including building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical installations, with high-dimensional illustrations to help explain code application. This title is a must-have resource for anyone working on a residential construction project.
Electrical Studies For The Trades - 4th Edition
Ideal For Tradesman Who Require Practical Knowledge of Electricity

Electrical Studies for Trades is ideal for current and future service technicians in fields such as air conditioning and refrigeration, construction, and facilities management who require practical knowledge of electricity. This book begins with an overview of basic electricity concepts rather than introducing complex mathematical calculations. From this starting point, readers proceed directly to "must-know" information, including how to determine wire sizes and make a variety of common switch connections
Fundamentals of Residential Construction - Hard-cover - 2
Fundamentals of Residential Construction
Up-to-date Explanations of Today's Residential Construction Systems

This Second Edition features the most up-to-date explanations of today’s residential construction systems. From foundation to roof and exterior finishes to interior details, this new edition thoroughly addresses the latest developments in materials and methods of house construction, including energy efficiency, framing, and roofing. Abundantly illustrated with more than 1,200 drawings and photographs, it provides authoritative coverage on wood light-frame construction, industrialized systems of construction, and more.
Graphic Guide to Site Construction -
Graphic Guide to Site Construction
Over 325 Details for Builders and Designers

From one end of the property line to the other, Graphic Guide to Site Construction provides you with the essential details on a vast array of residential site construction projects -- from basic walkways to driveways, retaining walls, septic systems, decks, terraces and exterior lighting, and more. As with all Graphic Guides, Site Construction provides clear and authoritative information through more than 350 illustrations.
Handbook of Rigging: For Construction and Industrial Operations
Handbook of Rigging: For Construction & Industrial Operations
Ultimate Guide to Designing & Operating Safe & Efficient Rigging Systems

Recent years have seen an abundance of changes in the rigging industry. This popular, hands-on reference brings you completely up to date on equipment, materials, systems, and regulations that affect your profession. Whether you are a maintenance technician, hoist operator, worksite foreman, or any other specialist requiring the use of rigging equipment, this comprehensive guide will help ensure that your projects are completed in a cost-effective manner, without sacrificing safety and efficiency.
Home Builder's Guide to Continuous Improvement: Schedule, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Cost, and Safety
Home Builders Guide to Continuous Improvement
Tools and Techniques to Improve Schedules, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Cost & Safety
Presenting well-known tools and techniques, the Home Builder's Guide to Continuous Improvement provides important insights and necessary information to reduce cycle time duration and variation in order to improve quality and customer satisfaction and to minimize costs and accidents. Each chapter offers examples based on the author's personal experience working with builders and trade contractions. Including figures and graphs to enhance the text, this book contains simple language, using residential construction industry terminology to improve understanding of continuous improvement concepts and practices. No previous math background is required, making it suitable for all levels.
How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Construction Company - Soft-cover & CD-ROM
How To Open & Operate a Financially Successful Construction Company - with Companion CD-ROM
Learn The Basics of Starting Your Own Construction Company

Starting a construction company, even a small one, can be a very profitable venture. There has never been a better time to start a construction company and get ahead of the competition. This new book is a comprehensive, detailed study of the practical side of starting and operating a construction firm. It will take you step by step through every aspect and prepare you with everything you need including sample business forms, leases, contracts; worksheets and checklists for planning, starting, and running day-to-day operations. You will get dozens of other valuable, timesaving tools of the trade that every entrepreneur should have.
J.l.C. Field Guide to Residential Construction, Vol. 1: A Manual of Best Practice
JLC Field Guide to Residential Construction Volume 1
Over 440 precisely-detailed drawings with clear, concise notes and detailed explanations that show you everything from estimating and selecting lumber to foundations, framing, roofing, siding and exteriors.  Explains code requirements for all U.S. building codes and includes span tables for different types of lumber. This is the ultimate visual quick-reference guide for busy construction professionals who need quick, accurate information on what’s required
JLC Field Guide to Residential Construction
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JLC Field Guide to Residential Construction Volume 2 - Interiors
Over 300 detailed technical drawings, illustrations and tables giving key dimensions and critical details from accessible kitchens to zoned heating systems. This new version of JLC Field Guide has the field-proven principles, methods and materials on all facets of interior construction and remodeling. Here, in Volume 2, we have addressed the key aspects of house mechanicals and interior finishes. Spiral bound
Million Dollar Blue Collar
Million Dollar Blue Collar
Learn Success In Managing Your Finances As A Construction Worker
Basic financial management is critical for union construction worker s life and work success. More than a third now report serious problems with debt. Many struggle to complete apprenticeship programs or drop out as a result. Collateral impacts include substance abuse; family impacts & crisis; poor work performance; reduced work ethic and commitment
Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials and Methods - 8th Edition - Hard-cover
Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials and Methods
The Cornerstone Construction Reference for Architects and Construction Professionals for Over 50 Years

Get the industry standard updated for a new age of construction. For more than fifty years, Construction has been the cornerstone reference in the field for architecture and construction professionals and students. This new 9th edition, now called Olin's Construction after its original author, is an invaluable resource that will provide in-depth coverage for decades to come. You'll find the most up-to-date principles, materials, methods, codes, and standards used in the design and construction of contemporary residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.
Real Resumes for Construction Jobs
Real Resumes for Construction Jobs
Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Resume and Finding a Job in the Construction Industry

Don't take it for granted that construction industry jobs are always easy to get. The best jobs in any field are always the object of intense competition! This book will show how to enter, advance in, or exit from the construction field while speaking the lingo of the construction industry. Resumes include jobs such as project manager, carpenter, foreman, safety manager, electrician, brick mason, engineering manager, real estate agent, plumber, job planner, sander, flooring installer, interior designer, independent contractor, and many other jobs..
Residential Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide to Understanding the 2009 International Residential Code
Residential Building Codes Illustrated
A Guide To Understanding the 2009 International Residential Code

An easy-to-use illustrated guide to building codes for residential structures. As the construction industry moves to a single set of international building codes, architects and construction professionals need an interpretive guide to understand how the building code affects the early design of specific projects. This newest addition to Wiley’s series of focused guides familiarizes code users with the 2009 International Residential Code® (IRC) as it applies to residential buildings.
Residential Construction Academy: Basic Principles For Construction
Residential Construction Academy: Basic Principles for Construction
Ideal For Anyone Beginning A Career In the Building Trades Industry
Residential Construction Academy: Basic Principles for Construction, 2E provides thorough, up-to-date coverage of the core academic areas that are necessary for success in the field. Topics include work ethic, math, communications, print reading, safety, and common tools. Now in its 2nd edition, this book has been updated to include new coverage of building codes and safe materials handling in order to stay current with industry standards and trends. In addition, a new chapter on percentages rounds out the math section, and an English-Spanish glossary has been added to better address the needs of all readers.
Residential Construction: Doors & Windows.full-color, 6-page Laminated Quick-Card
Residential Construction: Doors & Windows - Laminated Quick-Card
6 Page HVAC Laminated Quick Reference Shows The Essentials Of Installing Residential Windows and Doors
6 page laminated quick reference card - Residential Construction: Doors & Windows Quick-Card by Builder's Book, Inc. This expanded, 6-page guide presents the essentials of installing residential doors and windows. Featuring many full-color illustrations, step-by-step instructions and useful tips, this is a great reference for the general contractor, the property owner and anyone else who needs a quick overview of the basics of installing and replacing doors and windows.
2016 RS Means Construction Cost Data Books 2016 RS Means Construction Cost Data Books
The Industry Standard For Construction Cost Estimating Data

RS Means Construction Cost Data is the Industry Standard for estimating construction costs including, building construction, concrete, electrical, mechanical, facilities, plumbing, landscaping, remodeling, site work,
Smart Business for Contractors: A Guide to Money and the Law (For Pros by Pros)
Smart Business for Contractors
A Guide To Money And The Law - For Pros By Pros

A contractor needs three basic things to be successful in business: an accountant, a calendar, and this book. Completely revised and updated, the advice in Smart Business for Contractors all but insures a contractor's increased efficiency and profitability. It walks readers through details big and small that make the difference between contractors who have more work than they can do yet barely make ends meet and contractors who work at a manageable pace, keep up-to-date records, and turn a profit job after job, year after year. Covering the spectrum of a contractor's career, Smart Business for Contractors includes new detailed information on what a contractor can expect in his first year in business and updated information on tools every contractor needs to plan intelligently for retirement.
Steel-Frame House Construction -
Steel Frame House Construction
Comprehensive Guide To Steel Framing For Residential Construction Framing
Framing with steel has obvious advantages over wood, yet building with steel requires new skills that can present challenges to the wood builder. This new book explains steel framing techniques for homes. It shows you the techniques, the tools, the materials, and how you can make it happen. Includes hundreds of photos and illustrations, plus a CD-ROM with steel framing details and 37 pages of steel-frame cost estimates.
Sustainable Commercial Interiors - Hard-cover - 1
Sustainable Commercial Interiors
An Illustrated, Step-By-Step Guide to Green Design Strategies for Commercial Interiors

Sustainable Commercial Interiors provides an engaging introduction to and exploration of the vast field of sustainable design as it specifically relates to commercial interior spaces. In Sustainable Commercial Interiors, the authors share their passion for environmental advocacy while offering designers and architects the technical knowledge important for success in this evolving discipline. The authors apply the concept of environmental responsibility to the design of interiors, and employ the organization of the LEED Green Building Rating System to sort the design process into five categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy issues, materials, and indoor environmental quality.
Sustainable Residential Interiors - Hard-cover - 1
Sustainable Residential Interiors
An Illustrated Guide to Green Design Strategies for Residential Interiors

Issues of sustainability and environmental consciousness have been increasingly important to designers of residential interiors. With solutions for the design practitioner, this book covers topics such as indoor air quality, identifying low-impact materials, conserving energy and water, and support of construction teams in reducing waste, Sustainable Residential Interiors provides designers with the necessary information and tools to integrate environmentally responsible design into their practice. Sustainable Residential Interiors takes readers through an integrated design process, showing how sustainable principles and practices can be applied on virtually every level of interior design
The Green Home: A Decision Making Guide for Owners and Builders
The Green Home: A Decision Making Guide for Owners and Builders
How to Meet The Highest Green Building Standards within a Given Budget

Dedicated to teaching builders and homeowners alike about environmentally-friendly residential construction. This highly practical resource explores the very latest construction techniques, materials, processes, and green practices that will reduce the environmental impact of the building itself. Coverage ranges from air sealing measures and energy efficient practices to water conservation and the usage of natural materials, with a special focus on complying with zoning ordinances and building codes. With thorough explanations of the many benefits of green building, this is the perfect "nuts and bolts" guide to environmentally-sound homes.
Working Alone - Hard-cover - illustrated edition
Working Alone - Tips & Techniques for Solo Building
Shows how you can become a dynamic one-man crew, handling nearly every aspect of house construction without having to hire or wait for anyone else. Explains how you can, on your own, lay out a foundation, build and erect walls, square up and straighten walls, install sheathing, lay out rafters, raise the ridge, get the roof square, install rafters, subfascia and sheathing, finish eaves, install windows and siding, hang drywall, measure and cut trim, install cabinets, and build decks


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Building an Affordable House - Trade secrets to high-value, low-cost construction
Building an Affordable House

Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials and Methods - 9th Edition
Olin's Construction: Principles,
Materials and Methods

Fundamentals of Residential Construction - 2nd Edition
Fundamentals of
Residential Construction

Habitat for Humanity How to Build a House
Habitat For Humanity
How To Build A House