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2013 National Home Improvement Estimator
Labor and Material Prices for Thousands of Home Improvement Projects

By Ray Hicks

Take advantage of remodeling jobs that you may never have estimated before, by relying on the solid cost figures in this book. That's why so many home improvement contractors use this manual as their pricing book when bidding on jobs they've never done before.

Hard-to-find costs for demolition, foundations, framing, structural repairs, decking, deck repairs, insulation, roofing repairs, window repair and replacement, door repair and replacement, wall and ceiling repairs, floor repair and replacement, kitchen and bathroom improvement prices, retrofitting for energy savings and much more. Just about every cost needed for estimating home repair is included in this book.

Labor Costs: Includes typical costs (including taxes and insurance) to install, demo, or repair each job based on the type of crew. Wage rates are included for most trades.

Craftsman's 2013 National Home Improvement Estimator has the most complete, most authoritative estimates available for the cost of drying out flooded homes and businesses and remediation of mold damage caused by excess moisture. What to do. How to do it. And the cost. If you're bidding flood or wind damage repair work from hurricane Sandy, you need the practical how-to information and cost estimates in this 2013 edition.

FREE Estimating CD-ROM: Along with the book you receive a CD-ROM with a stand-alone estimating program that totals prices when you include the quantities, Adding your zip code to your estimates automatically adjusts labor, material, and equipment costs to your area of the U.S. or Canada. Price updates are free on the Web for 2013.

Labor Costs, Material Costs, City Cost Modifiers and Selling Prices for All Home Improvement

  • Demolition - Gutting a Building, Porches and Decks, Slabs, Roof Cover, Walls, Ceilings, Floors
  • Foundations - Board and Plywood Forms, Reinforcing, Footings, Slabs, Walls, Finishing
  • Framing - Room Additions, Wall Bracing, Sheathing, Breakthrough Window and Door Openings
  • Structural Repairs - Sagging Floors, Replacing Posts and Plates, Roof Frame Jacking, Sheathing
  • Insulation - Ceilings, Walls, Crawl Spaces, Attics, Insulation Board, Fiberglass, Foam, Ventilation
  • Siding - Repairs, New Siding Over Old, Vinyl, Wood, Hardboard, Plywood, Shingle, Veneer, Stucco
  • Roofing Repairs - Finding and Fixing Leaks, Temporary and Permanent Repairs, Flashing Repairs
  • New Roofing - Re-Roofing Over Old, Composition Shingles, Wood Shingles, Built-Up, Concrete Tile
  • Window Repairs - Loosening Stuck Sash, Sash and Balance Repair, Moving a Window, Trim
  • New Windows - Custom Made, Vinyl, Aluminum, Vinyl-Clad, Bow Windows, Storms, Skylights
  • Door Repairs - Refurbishing, Antiquing, Re-Hanging, Moving Doors, Adding Doors, Casing, Stops
  • New Doors - Security, Hardwood, Steel, Fiberglass, Prehung, Locksets, Storms, Patio, Weatherstrip
  • Walls and Ceiling Repairs - Patching, New Over Old, Furring, Textures and Finishes, Molding
  • New Walls and Ceilings - Gypsum Drywall, Plywood, Hardboard, Plank Paneling, Drop Ceilings
  • Floor Repairs - Surface Prep, Underlayment, Emboss Filler, Flooring Over Concrete, Tile Backer
  • New Flooring - Resilient, Sheet Vinyl, Wood Strip and Laminate, Base, Trim, Paver Tile, Ceramics
  • Modern Kitchens - Estimating Checklist, What to Renew, What to Replace, Making Good Choices
  • The New Kitchen - Finished and Unfinished Cabinets, Fixtures, Soffits, Installed Appliances, Hoods
  • Modern Bathrooms - Adding a Bath, Replacing Fixtures, Moving Plumbing, Electric & HVAC Lines
  • Painting - Surface Prep, Interiors, Exteriors, Windows, Doors, Trim, using Brush, Roller or Spray

Use this manual (and the National Estimator disk in the back of the book) as your company price book when bidding home improvement work. Following the figures in this guide will help you develop reliable, comprehensive estimates that result in consistently profitable completed jobs.

Free Estimating Disk Enclosed

Inside the back cover of this book you'll find National Estimator, a CD-ROM with all the cost estimates in the book plus an easy-to-use estimating program for Windows™. National Estimator works just like a book. Page through the entire book one screen at a time or use the electronic index to search (in seconds) for what you need. Then select the cost estimates you want and copy them to your estimate with the touch of a key. It's quick and easy (costs are extended and columns totaled automatically). And you can change any price or quantity, including subtotals, and add the markup of your choice.

Job Cost Wizard

  • Turns estimates into invoices and exports to QuickBooks Pro.
  • Export entire estimates or invoices to track job costs for each item or category in your estimate. Then compare estimated and actual costs for each part of any job. Handles progressive billing (invoices for each phase of the job) with QuickBooks Pro.

Included with National Estimator CD-ROM:

  • Job Cost Wizard – turns estimates into invoices and exports both in QuickBooks
  • Free Online Technical Support – for the National Estimator Software

2013 National Home Improvement Estimator (National Home Improvement Estimator (W/CD)) - Craftsman Book Co - 1572182814 - ISBN: 1572182814 - ISBN-13: 9781572182813
Paperback, 544 pages

2013 National Home Improvement Estimator (National Home Improvement Estimator (W/CD))

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2013 National Home Improvement Estimator (National Home Improvement Estimator (W/CD)) - Craftsman Book Co - 1572182814 - ISBN: 1572182814 - ISBN-13: 9781572182813
Paperback, 544 pages