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Electric Motors, Motor Control, Motor Control Systems and Electric Motor Wiring
Books, CD's and DVD's on Electric Motors and Electrical Motor Control Systems

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Electrical Motors & Motor Control

Alternating Current Fundamentals
AC Current Fundamentals
Furnishes Readers with the Most Comprehensive Information on AC Current Essentials!
An industrial standard for more than 30 years. Alternating Current Fundamentals has been updated once again to furnish readers with the most comprehensive information available on AC essentials. Topics are thoughtfully arranged to build knowledge, progressing from basic principles such as the differences between peak, RMS, and average values to more complex coverage of circuits containing resistance, inductance, and capacitance. The book features improved graphics that assist readers in understanding such state-of-the-art concepts as phase angle differences between voltage and current in an alternating current circuit, apparent power versus true power, and the power factor
AC Motor Controls - CD-ROM
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AC Motor Controls - CD-ROM
Interactive Training CD With Exercises and Quizzes
Most AC motors are started through a standardized control system designed to protect the motor, the circuit, and operating personnel. This training tool focuses on ladder diagrams, wiring, and troubleshooting techniques for the most common motor used in industry, the AC induction motor. New interactive exercises and quizzes help you hone your troubleshooting skills. Introduction Purpose of a Motor Starter Components of a Motor Control Circuit NEMA Starter Size Numbering System Various Motor Starting Requirements - Single Speed, Multiple Speed, Reversing, Reduced Voltage, etc. Common Motor Circuits Symbols for Control Components Manual Starters Magnetic Motor Starter Operation Standard Two and Three Wire Control Wiring Diagrams vs. Ladder Diagrams Troubleshooting Using Ladder Diagrams Variations on the Motor Control Circuit 120-Volt Control vs. 480/240-Volt Control Control Transformers Proper Fusing and Grounding Multiple Start/Stop Stations Single Phase Motor Starting Time Delay and Latching Relays Pilot Devices - Pressure, Temperature, Level, and Limit Switches Power Circuits The Combination Motor Starters Checking Power Fuses and Breakers Wiring Up a Motor Starter Troubleshooting Control Circuits
AC Theory - 3rd Edition - Hard-cover
AC Theory - 3rd Edition
Provides A Thorough Foundation of the Fundamentals of Alternating Current Theory, Methods and Techniques!
Beginning with a review of the methods and techniques of DC theory, this book adds the concepts of capacitance and inductance as they relate to alternating current (AC) theory and features a host of circuit analysis tools that will build on concepts already learned. An introduction to vectors and complex numbers is followed by an immersion into AC concepts as they compare to DC theory. Polyphase circuits, AC and DC generators, and inductance and capacitance in AC circuits are subsequently explored. The last and largest part of the book discusses how to analyze all the possible combination of RLC circuits including series, parallel, and combination circuits.
All About Motors

All About Motors
A Practical Blend of Theory, Diagrams, Drawings, Graphs and Photos

Assists readers in developing a complete understanding of all types of electric motors, generators, and alternators. All About Motors comprehensively examines such concepts as magnetic and inductive theory, characteristics of various types of motors, and the speed control of AC and DC motors that provide the necessary background for a thorough understanding of rotating equipment. Basic concepts of rotation are skillfully applied to the complex theories of rotor phase angles and their effect on torque so technicians learn effective service and troubleshooting techniques as well as motor operations. The knowledge gained will give students a foundation to develop into journeymen who can be counted on to successfully handle all aspects of the electrical industry.

Audel Electric Motors

Audel Electric Motors
Install, Repair and Maintain Any Type of Electric Motor

If you need information about installing, repairing, and maintaining any type of electric motor, this book belongs in your toolbox. Completely revised and illustrated, it covers principles of motor function, choosing and replacing motors, identifying and repairing common problems, performing routine maintenance, and more, all without excessive math. It's the guide your father relied on, now fully updated for the twenty-first century.

Belt and Chain Drives - CD-ROM
Training CD-ROM with Interactive Exercises, Voice Narration, Pop-Up Definitions, Animated Illustrations & Enlargeable Graphics
The efficient transmission of mechanical energy has been paramount since the industrial revolution. Belt and chain drives have filled this need since the beginning, and are still in use today. Proper application of these drive elements provides only the foundation for reliable operation. This program teaches industrial manufacturing workers about mechanical power transmission, explaining engineering concepts, as well as best maintenance practices to achieve maximum operating time for various drive systems.
DC Theory
DC Theory - 3rd Edition
Learn the DC Fundamentals Critical to a Modern Electrical Technician By Exploring Direct Current Principles and Methods!
Knowledge of fundamentals is critical to the success of a modern electrical technician, and this book explores direct current (DC) principles and methods as well as the underlying theories and concepts needed for a strong foundation in electrical technology. Introduces the fundamentals of electricity and DC circuits, including how properties of materials are categorized into conductors, semiconductors, and insulators. In-depth coverage of Ohm’s law and its relation to voltage, current, resistance, and power is presented, followed by the theory and practical applications of electrical components connected in series. Later chapters examine DC parallel circuits, DC combination circuits, magnetism and generators, and DC circuit analysis tools that electricians will find invaluable in analyzing and understanding more complex circuits likely to be encountered on the job.
DEWALT Wiring Diagrams Professional Reference
DeWalt Wiring Diagrams Professional Reference
Filled with hundreds of diagrams and illustrations
Wiring Diagrams Pal covers outlets, switches, lighting, motors and controls, power distribution, transformers, grounding, low voltage and hazardous locations, plus much more! Basic wiring guidelines and specifications are also included to make this as valuable a tool as wire cutters.
DEWALT Electric Motor Professional Reference

DeWalt Electric Motor Professional Reference
Perfect Pocket Reference Guide to Electric Motors and Wiring

Covers everything you need to work with electric motors including running currents, wiring diagrams, lock rotor amps, installation requirements, thermal overloads, maintenance procedures, fuses, maintenance forms, troubleshooting guides, and motor controls. Also covers everything from wiring diagrams, design, and installation to maintenance procedures and power transmission, and features effective troubleshooting tips and maintenance forms to help get the job done right with a minimum of down time. Illustrative charts, tables, and graphs covering running current, lock rotor amps, thermal overloads, fuses, controls, and more are especially useful for application to various situations on the job.

Electric Motor Control

Electric Motor Control
Useful Reference for Anyone Who Installs, Monitors & Maintains Motor Controls

With a highly practical approach, Electric Motor Control, 8E provides a useful and effective tool for anyone who will install, monitor, and/or maintain motor controls. The book begins by introducing the simplest of equipment and then builds upon this knowledge, step-by-step, enabling readers to learn how to draw and interpret motor control schematic diagrams. Subsequent units provide useful information on motor control components and how they are connected to form complete control circuits.

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems - Textbook - 4th Edition

Electric Motor Controls for Integrated Systems
Industry Leading Reference Covers Electrical Motors, Devices & Controls
Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems is the industry-leading reference that covers electrical, motor, and mechanical devices and their use in industrial control circuits. This textbook provides the knowledge and skills required in an advanced manufacturing environment, which integrates mechanical, electrical, and fluid power systems. The content begins with basic electrical and motor theory, builds on circuit fundamentals, and reinforces comprehension through examples of industrial applications. Emphasis is placed on the development of troubleshooting skills throughout the book.
Also Available Separately:
Companion Workbook, Answer Key
Applications Manual, Answer Key
Instructor's Resource Guide

Electrical Motor Drive Installation and Troubleshooting

Electric Motor Drive Installation & Troubleshooting
Includes Drive Theory, Installation, Testing & Troubleshooting

This revised text/workbook presents the latest information on electric motors and drives in industry. Electric Motor Drive Installation and Troubleshooting includes drive theory and applications, as well as installation, testing, and troubleshooting procedures. Topics covered include drive programming and extensive information on the selection of motor drives for specific applications. This edition now includes expanded coverage of applications and motor drive selection. Review questions and expanded paper-and-pencil activities at the end of each chapter provide solid assessment.
Also Available: Answer Key

Electric Motors & Drives

Electric Motors & Drives
Understand The Capabilities and Limitations of Motors and Drives
Electric Motors and Drives is intended for non-specialist users of electric motors and drives, filling the gap between maths- and theory-based academic textbooks and the more prosaic 'handbooks', which provide useful detail but little opportunity for the development of real insight and understanding. The book explores all of the widely-used modern types of motor and drive, including conventional and brushless D.C., induction motors and servo drives, providing readers with the knowledge to select the right technology for a given job.

Electric Motors & Motor Controls

Electric Motors & Motor Controls
Understand Motor Controls from A Practical Perspective

Designed for electrical professionals and students who need to understand motor controls from a practical perspective. By first introducing basic controls, and then progressing to more complex controls for various motors and various applications, Electric Motors and Motor Controls, 2E provides a strong foundational knowledge of motor theory. Coverage includes the latest information on modern controls, while still including older controls that are still in use. The National Electrical Code® is cited throughout the book to acquaint readers with how to install and maintain motor systems effectively and safely.

Electric Motor Control

Electric Motor Control - 9th Edition
Practical Approach to Understanding Electric Motor Controls

Provides a useful and effective tool for anyone who will install, monitor, or maintain electric motor controls. It begins by introducing the simplest of equipment and then builds upon this knowledge, step-by-step, allowing readers to learn how to draw and interpret electric motor control schematic diagrams. Subsequent units provide useful information on motor control components and how they are connected to form control circuits.

Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Electrical Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Everything You Need to Know to Keep Electric Motors Running Smoothly
Here’s the ideal resource for anyone who has to purchase, teach, install, troubleshoot, perform limited repairs on, or maintain industrial-size electric motors. Expert author Augie Hand uses clear, jargon-free language and time-saving flow charts -- minus the complicated math to help you decide whether to replace a motor, take it off line for repair, or repair it in place – decisions that can make the difference between profitability and loss. Includes an invaluable host of troubleshooting tricks and procedures gleaned from over forty years in the field to cover electric motors from top to bottom as only an insider can

Electrical Transformers and Rotating Machines

Electrical Transformers and Rotating Machines
Comprehensive Explanation of Theory and Practical Applications of Industrial Machines

Now in its Second Edition, this book is an excellent resource for electrical students and professionals who need a comprehensive explanation of theory and practical applications of electrical machines. The book includes nine experiments enabling readers to reinforce the theory discussed earlier. Students begin with a study of magnetism and magnetic induction, single-phase isolation transformers, current transformers, and autotransformers. A unit on three-phase power refreshes the student with basic three-phase connections and calculations before proceeding into three-phase transformers.

Electricity 4: AC/DC Motors, Controls, and Maintenance
Quick and Easy Access To Information on AC and DC Motors
Provides easy access to information on DC and AC motors, various types of manual, magnetic, and electronic controls, and the installation and maintenance functions of each. Updated to the 2008 National Electrical Code® and featuring safety references to the most current OSHA Safe Work policies, Electricity 4: 9th Edition provides practical, hands-on information to get the electrical system operating as well as the theory of “why” the system works to aid in troubleshooting. The Ninth Edition features material on Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and newer controls for servo and small motors. Current practices and equipment have also been added to the Maintenance section to better enable readers to troubleshoot motors and control problems.
Fundamentals of Electrical Machines
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Fundamentals of Electrical Machines
Fundamental Course Covers a Variety of Electrical Machinery

Covers the fundamentals and important topics which can help the students to develop a lasting and sound knowledge about machinery. The presented material’s emphasis is on the magnetic circuits, single-phase and three-phase transformer, polyphase induction motor, synchronous generator, synchronous motor and single-phase induction motor. The working principles of all the machines are discussed and corresponding equations developed from the basic laws. Some electronic devices are also discussed here to understand the control of each machine.
Industrial Electricity and Motor Controls, Second Edition

Industrial Electricity and Motor Controls
Improve Your knowledge, Skills and Applications in Every Area of Industrial Electricity

Turn to Industrial Electricity and Electric Motor Controls for complete coverage of the entire industrial electrical field ... from the basics of electricity to equipment, to troubleshooting and repair. Packed with over 650 illustrations, the latest codes and regulations, many study questions and review problems, this career-building tool shows you how to boost your skills and confidence, and then apply this expertise effectively in the workplace. It also includes strategies for avoiding common problems and performing proper procedures on every job.

Industrial Motor Control
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Industrial Motor Control - 6th Edition
Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Motor Control Systems
The new and updated 6th edition of Industrial Motor Control is the most comprehensive revision of the book since it was published over 20 years ago. With crucial, up-to-date information on basic relay control systems, programmable logic controllers, and solid state devices commonly found in an industrial setting, this book is a must have. It presents easy-to-follow instructions and the essential information for controlling industrial motors, along with commonly used devices in contemporary industrial settings. Coverage is thorough in scope, successfully bridging the gap between industrial maintenance and instrumentation. Readers will gain a fundamental understanding of the operation of variable frequency drives, solid state relays, and other applications that employ electronic devices


A Comprehensive Overview of Electrical Theory and Fundamental Motor Operating Principles

This full-color textbook is designed to develop basic competencies related to fundamental concepts and advanced topics. It can be used in a classroom learning situation, as a self-study text, or as a reference book on motor operation. The textbook offers real-world applications that an electrician is likely to face in the field and combines them with the theoretical content in the textbook. The book also presents safety procedures in compliance with NFPA 70E.
A CD-ROM is included which contains Quick Quizzes, an Illustrated Glossary, Flash Cards, Motor Animations
Also Available: Workbook, Answer Key, Instructor's Resource Guide

Motor Control Fundamentals
Motor Control Fundamentals
Provides a Solid Foundation of Knowledge for Working with AC Induction Motors

Forget those overly complicated books that try to cover it all! Easy to read and understand, MOTOR CONTROL FUNDAMENTALS, 1st Edition builds the foundation of knowledge you need to work with AC Induction Motors. Focusing on basic, single-phase, and three-phase induction motor theory and operation, MOTOR CONTROL FUNDAMENTALS details common motor control circuit schemes, and demonstrates how to read, interpret, and document motor control circuit diagrams, while offering ample practice circuit problems to build critical skills. Get a solid start in the electrical industry with MOTOR CONTROL FUNDAMENTALS!
Stallcup's Generator, Transformer, Motor and Compressor, 2008 Edition

Stallcup's Generator, Transformer, Motor & Compressor Book - 2008 Edition
Brings You Up To Code On All Types of Rotating Machinery

The new 2008 Edition expertly explains how to select, operate, construct, and maintain the most common types of rotating machinery correctly and efficiently. Divided into three comprehensive parts, Stallcup’s® introduces users to the theory, methods, and applications of generators (Part 1), transformers (Part 2), and motors, controllers and compressors (Part 3). This text fully explains how these devises work and which Code rules apply. In keeping with the previous edition, the text features numerous illustrations to enhance comprehension, clarify complex concepts, and offer hands-on assistance for easier compliance with today’s requirements.

Troubleshooting Electric Motors - 3rd Edition

Troubleshooting Electric Motors
Learn Techniques for Troubleshooting Electric Motors and Equipment
This comprehensive reference presents electric motors, related equipment, and motor and equipment use in common industrial applications. Throughout the text/workbook, special emphasis is placed on troubleshooting skills. The extensive applications, activities, and trade tests included provide the framework for acquiring the knowledge and skills required in today's industrial environment, or serve as a guide to avoid costly downtime. Starting with motor operation principles, the text builds on motor types, motor protection
Also Available: Answer Key

Understanding Motor Controls

Understanding Motor Controls
A "Real-World" Systems Approach for Industrial Electricians

Gain the knowledge that industrial electricians in the field need in order to be successful! The subject of motor controls is one of the major areas of concern for industrial electricians, and this book prepares readers for work in the industry. A "real-world" systems approach is applied to all aspects of motor control, including basic control circuits, sensing devices, solid-state controls, variable speed drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and more. "Must know" applications, procedures, and operations are stressed throughout. Coverage concludes with a series of practical laboratory exercises to help provide an excellent knowledge base of important installation, testing, and troubleshooting procedures.

Ugly's Electric Motors and Controls
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Ugly's Electric Motors and Controls - 2011 NEC
Quick Reference Pocket Guide to Electric Motors & Motor Controls - Updated To The 2011 NEC
Ugly s Electric Motors and Controls is a quick, on-the-job reference specifically designed to provide the most commonly required information on the design, installation, application, and maintenance of motors and controls in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format. An ideal tool for electrician s, contractors, designers, engineers, instructors and students, this essential pocket guide uses diagrams, calculations, and quick explanations to ensure jobs are completed safely and correctly and in accordance to industry standards.

Ugly's Electric Motors And Controls, 2014 Edition

Ugly's Electric Motors and Controls - 2014 NEC
Quick Reference Pocket Guide to Electric Motors & Motor Controls - Updated To The 2014 NEC
Ugly s Electric Motors and Controls is a quick, on-the-job reference specifically designed to provide the most commonly required information on the design, installation, application, and maintenance of motors and controls in an easy-to-read, easy-to-access format. An ideal tool for electricians, contractors, designers, engineers, instructors and students, this essential pocket guide uses diagrams, calculations, and quick explanations to ensure jobs are completed safely and correctly and in accordance to industry standards..



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