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Cabinet Making Books & Videos
Cabinet Making including Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Cabinets

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Cabinet Making

Building Doors and Drawers - illustrated edition
Building Doors and Drawers
How To Make Cabinet Doors and Furniture Drawers That Are Stylish, Functional and Uncomplicated
Whatever type of cabinets you're creating, doors and drawers are at the center of their style and functionality. When you're done, they get all the attention. But to get precisely the results you're looking for, you need a plan, some reliable techniques, maybe even a few inside tips. Discover practical tips and advice from expert cabinet maker Andy Rae, step-by-step instructions, plus 35 drawings and 325 full-color photos that show you exactly how to handle every facet of design and construction
Building Kitchen Cabinets - Build Like a Pro Series - illustrated edition
Building Kitchen Cabinets - Build Like A Pro
When you build your own cabinets you’re not just saving money. You also can improve upon the materials and construction used in factory-made cabinets, and get exactly the sizes you want. And with the techniques that Udo Schimdt demonstrates and explains, you can incorporate custom details in your cabinets to make them even more distinctive. Arched doors, custom cornice treatments, oversize pantry cabinets, and solid wood end panels are just a few of the options to consider.
Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets - Revised & Updated ed.
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Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets
Building Premium Quality Kitchen Cabinets In Your Own Shop
Learn how to build premium cabinetry of superior quality in your own shop...from layout and design to installation and final adjustment. Jim Tolpin simplifies the process of building cabinets by using modern hardware and joinery systems that are fast and foolproof to execute. He shows how to construct easily handled cabinet modules and how to customize face frames, doors, and drawers in the style you choose. With the help of this book and basic shop tools, you can build a complete set of kitchen cabinets that will add beauty and value to any home.
Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets (Popular Woodworking)
Building Your Own Kitchen Cabinets (Popular Woodworking)
Superbly detailed, this fully updated step-by-step guide walks readers through all the stages of planning, design, construction and installation of kitchen cabinets. It makes it all possible, even with only a few basic tools. Its practical approach anticipates readers' questions every step of the way. Danny Proulx covers: Planning, cutting and assembly details for upper and lower cabinets. A range of cabinetry-from simple cabinets and custom appliance garages, to over-the- sink cupboards, lazy-Susan shelving and stemware storage. Practical information on kitchen design, material selection and tool shortcuts. Unique information on customizing cabinets, building strong cabinets quickly, combining traditional methods with European cabinetry techniques and hardware. Plus, a full-color gallery of kitchen designs. 128 pages. August 2003.
Danny Proulx's Cabinet Doors and Drawers (Popular Woodworking)
Cabinet Doors & Drawers By Danny Proulx (Popular Woodworking)
A Comprehensive How-To Guide to Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers
Popular author Danny Proulx makes it easy for woodworkers to navigate the notoriously tricky art of building and fitting doors and drawers. His gorgeous, full-color guide shows readers how to do it correctly with: Step-by-step instructions for designing and building doors and drawers; Projects featuring every style and a wide variety of techniques; Concise directions for fitting and installing the finished work; Advice on choosing the best door and drawer hardware for any project; With the clear information found here, woodworkers of all levels can make their next furniture or cabinetmaking project go better than ever.. 128 pages. June 2005.
Cabinetmaking: From Design to Finish - 2nd ed.
Cabinetmaking: From Design to Finish
Complete Guide to Cabinet Making From Layout, Joinery, to Finishing Techniques
Every aspect of cabinetmaking, from layout, through joinery, to finishing techniques. Gives illustrated instructions for designing cabinets to fit the kitchen workcenter; create dado, mortise, tenon, lap and dowel joints; make frames and panels; construct cabinets; and install cabinet hardware
Cabinets and Countertops: For Pros By Pros Series - illustrated edition
Cabinets and Countertops - For Pros By Pros Series
Learn How the Pros Build and Install Cabinets and Countertops (and How to Avoid Costly Mistakes)
Mistakes are costly when dealing with cabinets and countertops they're typically the most expensive components in the most expensive room. So whether you're building them or just installing them, your job is much easier when you arm yourself with the best information possible. These 17 articles from past issues of Fine Homebuilding magazine were written by builders and represent the hard-won knowledge of professionals who have learned from their mistakes.
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture & Cabinet Construction - Hard-cover - 4th Printing
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Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture & Cabinet Making
A graphic, step-by-step presentation of basic furniture construction techniques
Expert woodworker and writer Andy Rae takes the construction of furniture and breaks it into components -- from boxes, cases, doors and drawers to shelves and feet. He explains all the techniques used to build them, so you can choose the ones that are best for you. Then he shows you how to put the pieces together to make great furniture.
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery - Hard-cover
Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery
A comprehensive, step-by-step pictorial reference on joinery
There’s no more thorough and readable guide to joinery than this new book from expert woodworker Gary Rogowski. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery uses full-color, step-by-step photo essays to show you how to make every practical woodworking joint. Over 1,400 color photos and drawings illustrate the methods, from simple butt joints to angled tenons and complex scarf joints.
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood - Hard-cover
Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood
A Comprehensive and Graphic Wood Shaping Reference.
In Shaping Wood, Bird shows you how to dress up your furniture, personalize your work and create period details. Learn to turn, carve, bend, cut and shape with hand tools or machines. All the techniques are in this accessible guide -- from cutting a simple circle to carving a ball-and-claw foot. He leads you through visualizing, drawing a shape and then choosing the appropriate tool for creating it.
Designing and Building Cabinets - First Edition
Designing and Building Cabinets
Expert Advice on Constructing Case Pieces Such As Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets, Hutches and more.

If you're replacing your tired kitchen cabinets or are planning to install a new kitchen, this video workshop is a must. With the camera beside him the whole way, master carpenter Tom Law transforms a bare farmhouse addition into a modern country kitchen, complete with floor-to-ceiling pantries and a large island counter
Dovetail A Drawer - DVD -
Dovetail A Drawer - DVD
Dovetail Joint Techniques to Create Drawers That Fit.

If it's properly fitting drawers you're after, this is the dovetail video workshop for you. Professional cabinetmaker Frank Klausz cuts quick, precise dovetails without jigs or templates, then glues up and fits the finished drawer. This 55 minute video teaches you how to make perfect dovetail joints for drawers and cabinets without the need for jigs or templates.
Also Available in VHS Format
Installing Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops - DVD
Installing Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops - DVD
Transform your kitchen with the help of a master
If you're replacing your tired kitchen cabinets or are planning to install a new kitchen, this video workshop is a must. With the camera beside him the whole way, master carpenter Tom Law transforms a bare farmhouse addition into a modern country kitchen, complete with floor-to-ceiling pantries and a large island counter
Also Available In VHS Format
Kreg V03-DVD Pocket Hole Joinery DVD, Cabinet Making
Kreg V03-DVD Pocket Hole Joinery DVD - Cabinet Making
DVD Guide For Making Your Own Cabinets
The Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery DVD, Cabinet Making, shows you how to make your own cabinets with the help of John Sillaots, who leads you through the various steps required to make a cabinet. Accelerate your learning process with this instructional DVD. The Pocket Hole Solution series features TV personality John Sillaots as he leads you through the various steps needed to build your own custom cabinets providing fast, strong, simple approach to your next woodworking project.
Machine and Hand Joinery -
Machine and Hand Joinery
Learn Joinery Secrets to Long-Lasting Joints Using Both Traditional Hand Tools and Modern Machine Tools

The concept of joinery is as old as recorded history. Furniture with hand-cut dovetail joints has been found entombed with the mummies dating back to ancient Egypt. Several thousand years later, dovetails are still being used today to fasten objects of wood. The fact that there are thousands and thousands of pieces from 18th century still being used today shows just how durable good joinery can be. In these articles collected by the editors of Fine Woodworking magazine, you'll learn how to use your hand and power tools to make tight joints that will help your furniture last for generations.
Making Kitchen Cabinets - DVD -
Making Kitchen Cabinets - DVD
Building High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets in a Basement Shop.

Watching Paul Levine will convince you that creating a beautiful kitchen is as easy as building one simple cabinet several times over. Levine's system saves time, anticipates mistakes and allows for corrections. All you need is access to a small workshop with a table saw a router and some common hand tools. What's more, your cabinets will be as handsome as they are strong, featuring sleek lines, hidden hinges, colorful laminated surfaces and warm wood trim.
Also Available in VHS Format
Making Mortise and Tenon Joints - DVD - DVD
Making Mortise and Tenon Joints - DVD
Produce Clean and Quick Mortise and Tenon Joints, By Hand or Machine.
Woodworkers rely on the versatile mortise-and-tenon joint for making sturdy frames, panels, stools, tables and stands. Frank Klausz shows you how to make the joint cleanly and quickly, using hand tools or basic woodshop machines.
Also Available In VHS Format
Refacing Cabinets - 0
Refacing Cabinets
You no longer need to buy new cabinets to create a beautiful new kitchen. With Refacing Cabinets, you can get professional results even if you're not a pro. Remodeling professional Herrick Kimball shows you how to transform your outdated kitchen into your dream kitchen using wood veneer and new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Add a new countertop and a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and you have a completely new look. Everything you need to know to do professional-quality cabinet refacing is in this book.
Router Joinery - DVD - DVD
Router Joinery - DVD
Use Your Router to Cut A Wide Variety of Joints Quickly and Accurately
Routers can be used to cut a wide variety of joints quickly and accurately. In this video, professional woodworker Gary Rogowski demonstrates router joinery techniques that can be mastered by any woodworker. You'll learn why correct setup and good stock preparation are essential to accurate work, and you'll see how to cut common frame and carcase joints using a hand-held or table-mounted router.
Also Available in VHS Format
Sam Maloof - DVD - DVD
Sam Maloof - DVD
See Sam Maloof at Work Building and See How His Furniture Embodies His Ideas on Craftsmanship, Design and Technique

Sam Maloof is one of the fathers of contemporary woodworking. Now in this DVD profile of a master craftsman, you can see Maloof at work and home, and see how his furniture embodies his ideas on craft, design, and technique. This visually rich documentary spans a week with Sam Maloof while he builds and discusses his designs, including his much imitated Sam Maloof signature rocker. Its an opportunity to savor the nuances and substance that make Sam Maloof an inspiration to woodworkers everywhere.
Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking Set - 3 Volumes with Bonus Video - Slp Har/Dv
Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking Set - 3 Books with Bonus DVD
3 Volume Limited Edition Plus Bonus DVD of Woodworking Expert Tage Frid Teaching Woodworking

Through these three classic volumes, it's easy to see why we and woodworkers the world over consider Tage Frid a most cherished woodworking icon. His passion has inspired countless enthusiasts and even shaped the course of the craft today. In this limited-edition set (only 10,000 copies have been printed), the dean of American woodworking teachers, Tage Frid, brings to your shop more than half a century of woodworking insight and experience. You'll learn this master's techniques through step-by-step photos, detailed drawings, and thoughtful instruction. Set Includes Volumes on Joinery, Shaping, Veneering & Finishing, and Furniture making.
DVD Also Available Separately
Understanding Wood - Hard-cover - 1st
Understanding Wood
A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology
The first edition of Understanding Wood was published in 1980 and has since sold more than 130,000 copies. It is widely held as a definitive reference work and the cornerstone of every woodworker's library. Now, Bruce Hoadley's comprehensive guide to wood technology has been revised and updated in this 20th-anniversary edition of a classic. New information on composite materials, adhesives, and finishes brings this book into the 21st century, while more than 300 photographs bring important visual information to life. This edition covers the nature of wood and its properties, the basics of wood technology, and the woodworker's raw materials. Understanding Wood was written for woodworkers by a scientist with a love of woodworking. It will be sought after by craftsmen and collectors alike.
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Comprehensive Guide for Beginning Woodworkers & Cabinet Makers

User-friendly and complete with full-color photos and illustrations, Woodworking offers a comprehensive guide for beginning woodworkers and aspiring cabinetmakers alike. Beginning with a brief introduction to the industry, as well as descriptions of the tools and materials used in the trade, the book then progresses on to illustrate and explain the hands-on skills that are essential to success in project creation. Step-by-step projects are accompanied by engaging photos and illustrations that walk through the process of building wood products, including tables and chairs, chests, cabinet-making, and more! These projects provide learners with a sense of accomplishment as they demonstrate their skills through successful completion of a finished product.


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Dovetail A Drawer - DVD
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