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Monday, 2016-05-30
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House Framing Books
Books & Videos on House Framing Including Residential and Commercial Framing of Floors, Walls, Ceilings and Roofs

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House Framing

Building With Engineered Lumber - For Pros By Pros Series -
Building With Engineered Lumber - For Pros By Pros Series
Learn to Purchase, Use, and Frame Efficiently with Engineered Lumber for High Quality House Framing Results
Engineered materials are the future of building. They are lighter, straighter, stronger, and more stable. But there is a steep learning curve to transition from traditional methods to newer materials and techniques. This book will help to demystify the process of framing with engineered lumber. You'll find trade tips and techniques to work efficiently to produce high-quality results. At the same time, you'll find that the book equips you to speak comfortably with engineers, architects, and your lumber suppliers.
Carpentry and Framing Inspection Notes: Up to Code
Carpentry & Framing Inspection Notes: Up To Code
Handy Pocket Guide To Carpentry & Construction Framing

Up to Code: Carpentry and Framing Inspection Notes is an on-the-job “cliff notes” resource, packed with information that will save time and money while ensuring quality. To-do checklists, charts and tables with at-a-glance calculations, who’s-responsible-for-what info, and diagrams that clearly illustrate complicated information make it fast and easy for busy building professionals to do their jobs thoroughly and efficiently, and avoid costly mistakes. The books help building pros establish and meet inspection guidelines, and provide clients with schedules and specifications
Complete Book of Framing: An Illustrated Guide for Residential Construction
Complete Book of Framing: An Illustrated Guide for Residential Construction
Straightforward Method To Learning Rough Carpentry & House Framing
This straightforward, easy-to-learn method will help framers, carpenters, and handy homeowners build their skills in rough carpentry and framing. It shows how to frame all the parts of a house: floors, walls, roofs, door & window openings, and stairs - with hundreds of color photographs and drawings that show every detail. The book gives beginners all the basics they need to go from zero framing knowledge to a journeyman level, and it provides valuable tips and tables for the experienced carpenter.
Commercial Metal Stud Framing -
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Commercial Metal Stud Framing
Learn Commercial Framing Techniques with Metal Studs
Framing commercial jobs can be more lucrative than residential work. But most commercial jobs require some form of metal stud framing. This book teaches step-by-step, with hundreds of job site photos, high-speed metal stud framing in commercial construction. It describes the special tools you’ll need and how to use them effectively, and the material and equipment you'll be working with. You’ll find the shortcuts, tips and tricks-of-the-trade that take most steel framers years on the job to discover
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Framing Basics Illustrated
Complete Idiot's Guide to Framing Basics Illustrated
Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Framing
Whether you want to do some framing in your unfinished basement, add a closet to an existing room, or participate in the open air framing of your new home, this guide provides you with a simple step-by-step roadmap for the task at hand. Topics include hand and power tools, fasteners (when & where to use each), working with wood, safety, blueprints 101, and more. Illustrated with over 300 photos.
Framing a House
Framing A House
Comprehensive Visual Guide to Proper Methods and Techniques for Framing A House
House framing can be an intimidating challenge. Thousands of pieces of wood must be cut to precise dimensions, according to a set of plans. Accurate and safe assembly is critical as the house must support the weight of building materials, equipment, appliances, and people - there's simply no room for error. And yet, this comprehensive, accessible, and highly visual book walks readers through this complicated process with ease
Framing Floors and Stairs - DVD - DVD
Framing Floors & Stairs - DVD
In Framing Floors & Stairs, Larry Haun and his brother Joe frame the floor of a basic 1,600-sq. ft. house. They take you step by step through the entire process, showing you practical ways to organize tasks, streamline procedures and handle tools and materials efficiently. Here's your chance to watch a framing master at work, and to become a better, more efficient carpenter yourself.
Framing Floors, Walls & Ceilings (For Pros By Pros)
Framing Floors, Walls and Ceilings - For Pros By Pros
Learn the trade secrets used by pros to get first rate framing results

The best book on framing is now better than ever! The latest edition of this essential For Pros By Pros volume stands as the most authoritative and exhaustive source of information on the basics of framing floors, walls & ceilings, as well as such trickier techniques as building curved walls and cathedral ceilings. Framing Floors, Walls, and Ceilings features cutting-edge insights into the very latest framing tools and materials, including engineered lumber, I-joist trusses, and LVLs. Packed with field-tested, hands-on techniques and trade secrets from the finest builders in the country, this fully illustrated manual is a must for any framer.
Framing Roofs: Completely Revised and Updated (For Pros By Pros)
Framing Roofs - For Pros By Pros Series
Discover What It Takes To Master The Art of Roof Framing - Learn From The Pros
This essential reference for pros and passionate amateurs is back with a fresh design and updated content. Written by respected builders from all over America, this extensive revision collects all the latest roof framing articles from the pages of Fine Homebuilding magazine -- from cutting rafters and framing roof valleys to building dormers and working with roof trusses. The contributors offer hard-earned, job-tested advice on an impressive variety of tools, techniques, and trade secrets.
Framing Roofs - DVD - DVD
Framing Roofs - DVD
In Framing Roofs, Larry Haun and his brother Joe build the roof of a basic 1,600-sq. ft. house. Starting from the top of the walls, they take you step by step through the entire process, showing you practical ways to organize tasks, streamline procedures and handle tools and materials efficiently. Here's your chance to watch a framing master at work, and to become a better, more efficient carpenter yourself.
Framing Walls - DVD - DVD
Framing Walls - DVD
In this wall-framing video, Larry Haun and his brother Joe build the exterior and interior walls of a basic 1,600-sq. ft. house. Starting from the completed floor deck, they take you step by step through the entire process, showing you practical ways to organize tasks, streamline procedures and handle tools and materials efficiently.
Graphic Guide to Frame Construction (For Pros By Pros)
Graphic Guide to Frame Construction
Practical Framing Details for Builders and Designers

The newly revised and updated edition of this classic reference volume reflects all the latest innovations in residential frame construction. Ideal for builders, architects, students or anyone interested in building their own home. Filled with hundreds of meticulous drawings, this comprehensive visual handbook shows you every precise detail you need to know about framing with wood. Building on the success of two earlier editions -- which have sold over 230,000 copies -- accomplished architect and teacher Rob Thallon brings you up to date on new materials, construction methods, and building code revisions.
House Framing
House Framing
Learn All Aspects of Residential House Framing From An Expert
Experienced builder Jack P. Jones provides vividly illustrated coverage of all aspects of framing from footing to drying-in to help you complete everything from small projects to building a home from scratch. Jones takes you chronologically through the framing process, starting with footing, squaring, erecting, and building the foundation. He provides complete chapters on Lumber, Sills, Floor Joists, Wall Framing, Ceiling Joists, I-beam Rafters, Basic Frame Types, Girders, Flooring Panels, Wall Sheathing, Roof Trusses, Roof Framing and Roof Sheathing. A builder with over 30 years building experience, Jones teaches you all the tricks of the trade.
Miller's Guide to Framing and Roofing (Miller's Guides)
Miller's Guide to Framing and Roof Framing
Roof Framing Techniques from a Professional
There are a lot of requirements in the Code for framing and the type of and application of roofs and roofing. Special emphasis will be placed on the type of construction required for those in tornado and hurricane areas. Putting in metal or steel framing - now becoming cheaper than wood will be covered. Discussions will include the use of drills and metal stud screws for those who are more familiar with wood “stick” construction. Provides essential information needed to plan, manage and complete the job. Tip boxes included throughout.
Precision Framing
Precision Framing
A Systematic Approach to House Framing That Saves Time and Money
Good construction doesn't have to slow you down. In fact, investing a little extra time during the early phases of construction will actually save you time and money later. That's the idea behind Precision Framing, the new book by Mike Guertin and Rick Arnold. The authors have spent 20 years developing their field-tested framing techniques, and Precision Framing is the result. This is their "manual," packed with tips, advice, and shortcuts that prove that good construction doesn't have to slow you down.
Residential Steel Framing Guide -
Residential Steel Framing Guide
Steel is stronger and lighter than wood – straight walls are guaranteed – steel framing will not wrap, shrink, split, swell, bow, or rot. Here you'll find full page schematics and details that show how steel is connected in just about all residential framing work. What you will find are over 150 easy-to-ready full-page details on how to construct steel-framed floors, roofs, interior and exterior walls, bridging, blocking, and reinforcing for all residential construction.
Residential Steel Framing Handbook
Residential Steel Framing Handbook
Learn The Secrets of Using Steel in Residential Construction
The steel frame ``how-to'' for wood-builders. The use of steel in residential construction is hot. So if your expertise lies in conventional wood frame construction, you'll definitely want to pick up the Residential Steel Framing Handbook. Robert Scharff and the editors of Walls & Ceilings Magazine take you step-by-step through each stage of the construction process--from preconstruction preparation to interior finishing--delivering all the in's and out's of building houses with steel. Jam-packed with over 350 illustrations and photographs, it's the perfect on-the-job training manual for you and your crew: sound proofing; insulation; calculating load strength; special tools and equipment; drywall and other interior finishes; building codes and zoning regulations; material specifications and selection; connectors and fasteners; steel floor framing; steel framed roofs; and much more.
Residential Structure & Framing -
Residential Structure & Framing
Master the complexities of structural design and advanced framing techniques with this hands-on guide for builders and remodelers. With simple explanations in plain English you'll learn how to calculate loads, size joists and beams, and tackle many of the common structural problems faced by residential contractors -- including cantilevered floors, complex roof structures, tall window walls, and seismic and wind bracing.
  Roof Construction and Roof Framing
Visit our separate page on Roof Framing for dozens of books related to roof construction, roof framing and roofing materials.
Rough Framing Carpentry -
Rough Framing Carpentry
If you'd like to make good money working outdoors as a framer, this is the book for you. Here you'll find shortcuts to laying out studs; speed cutting blocks, trimmers and plates by eye; quickly building and blocking rake walls; installing ceiling backing, ceiling joists, and truss joists; cutting and assembling hip trusses and California fills; arches and drop ceilings – all with production line procedures that save you time and help you make more money.
Steel-Frame House Construction -
Steel Frame House Construction
Comprehensive Guide To Steel Framing For Residential Construction Framing
Framing with steel has obvious advantages over wood, yet building with steel requires new skills that can present challenges to the wood builder. This new book explains steel framing techniques for homes. It shows you the techniques, the tools, the materials, and how you can make it happen. Includes hundreds of photos and illustrations, plus a CD-ROM with steel framing details and 37 pages of steel-frame cost estimates.
The Timber Frame Home - Hard-cover - 2nd Revised
The Timber Frame Home
A Complete Reference Guide to Design, Construction and Finishing of Timber-Frame Homes
Today's timber-frame house presents unique building problems. Where do you put plumbing and wiring if you don't have stud-frame walls? How do you incorporate glass into the framing to create dramatic views? How do you insulate a timber-frame home? How do you ensure that the building meets codes? In this one-of-a-kind book, a master timber framer shares extensive experience solving these problems. This new edition brings advances in timber framing to life with hundreds of full-color photos and rendered drawings -- all the information you need to join the timber-frame revival.
Timber Framing Book, The
The Timber Framing Book
Thoroughly Illustrated Guide to Building a Timber Frame House
This is a thorough and profusely illustrated guide to building a timber-frame house. Grounded in ancient tradition, timber-frame construction is admirably suited to fulfill today’s need for durable, energy-efficient housing and other building needs
Timber Framing for the Rest of Us: A Guide to Contemporary Post and Beam Construction
Timber Framing For The Rest Of Us: A Guide To Contemporary Post and Beam Construction
Details Timber Framing Methods Used By Most Contractors, Framers & Builders
Timber Framing for the Rest of Us describes the timber framing methods used by most contractors, farmers and owner-builders-methods that use modern metal fasteners, special screws and common sense building principles to accomplish the same goal in much less time. And while there are many good books on traditional timber framing, this is the first to describe in depth these more common fastening methods. The book includes everything an owner-builder needs to know about building strong and beautiful structural frames from heavy timbers
Ultimate Guide to House Framing, 3rd edition
Ultimate Guide to House Framing - 3rd Edition
Superbly Illustrated Guide to House Framing with Practical Advice

Fully revised and updated, this is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about house framing. This superbly illustrated volume offers readers practical, step-by-step advice on everything they need to know about building a structure by means of platform framing - the most popular framing technique in construction today. "Ultimate Guide to House Framing" includes expert information and advice on every aspect of the framing process - from foundations to floor-, wall-, and roof-framing, sheathing, and more. Fully revised and updated, this volume also includes an entire chapter devoted to the very latest in 'green' framing materials and techniques
Understanding Wood - Hard-cover - 1st
Understanding Wood
A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology
The first edition of Understanding Wood was published in 1980 and has since sold more than 130,000 copies. It is widely held as a definitive reference work and the cornerstone of every woodworker's library. Now, Bruce Hoadley's comprehensive guide to wood technology has been revised and updated in this 20th-anniversary edition of a classic. New information on composite materials, adhesives, and finishes brings this book into the 21st century, while more than 300 photographs bring important visual information to life. This edition covers the nature of wood and its properties, the basics of wood technology, and the woodworker's raw materials. Understanding Wood was written for woodworkers by a scientist with a love of woodworking. It will be sought after by craftsmen and collectors alike.
The Very Efficient Carpenter
The Very Efficient Carpenter
Efficient Framing Techniques for Residential Construction
Here's your chance to become a more efficient carpenter. Larry Haun has been a production framer for more than 35 years and a teacher of apprentices for more than 20. In this book, Haun shows you, step by step, all the techniques he uses to frame a basic house, from laying down the sills to cutting the rafters.
Companion Videos Also Available in DVD Format


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Graphic Guide to Frame Construction
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Taunton’s For Pros by Pros: Precision Framing
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The Very Efficient Carpenter - Basic framing for residential construction - Book & Video Combo
The Very Efficient Carpenter
Book and Videos on Framing
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