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By Neil Sclater, John Traister


Reliable, low-cost electric power is a fundamental requirement for modern society, making possible such vital services as lighting, HVAC, transportation, communication, and data processing, in addition to driving motors of all sizes. A mainstay of industrial productivity and economic prosperity, it is also essential for safeguarding human life and health. This handbook is a valuable information resource on electric power for everyone from technical professionals to students and laypeople.

This compact, user-friendly edition updates and expands on the earlier edition. Its core content of power generation, distribution, lighting, wiring, motors, and project planning has been supplemented by new topics:

  • CAD for preparing electrical drawings and estimates
  • Basic switch and receptacle circuit wiring
  • Structured wiring for multimedia
  • Swimming pool and low-voltage lighting
  • Electrical surge protection

An easy-to-read style makes complex topics understandable. It’s a must-have reference for those with a need or desire to get up to speed on the entire subject of electric power or just familiarize themselves with the latest advances--regardless of their formal education or training. Reader-helpful features in this edition include:

  • Up-front chapter summaries to save time in finding topics of interest.
  • References to related articles in the National Electrical Code.
  • A bibliography identifying additional sources for digging deeper.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Planning for Electrical Design
  • Chapter 2: Power Generation and Transmission
  • Chapter 3: Power System Equipment
  • Chapter 4: Substations and Electrical Distribution
  • Chapter 5: Service Entrances, Panels, and Grounding
  • Chapter 6: Wire, Cable, and Circuit Components
  • Chapter 7: Branch Circuit Design and Device Wiring
  • Chapter 8: Lighting, Lamps, and Luminaires
  • Chapter 9: Telephone, Multimedia, and Alarm Systems
  • Chapter 10: Electrical Motors and Starters
  • Chapter 11: Emergency and Standby Systems
  • Chapter 12: Electrical Surges and Surge Protection
  • Appendix A: ANSI Architectural Symbols, Receptacle and Plug Configurations, and Circuit Wiring Diagrams
  • Appendix B: Master Electrical Specification

Author Biography:

Neil Sclater was an engineer in the military/aerospace industry before turning to editing and writing professionally on electromechanical and electronic subjects. After working as a staff editor for several engineering magazines, he became an editorial consultant. His technical articles have been published in more than a dozen different publications. In addition to revising this book, he is the author or co-author of nine other McGraw-Hill professional reference books. He holds degrees from Brown and Northeastern universities.

The late John E. Traister was employed in the electrical construction industry as an electrician and electrical contractor for more than 35 years. He was the author of nine books on different topics for McGraw-Hill, including the First Edition of Handbook of Electrical Design Details and McGraw-Hill’s Illustrated Index to the National Electrical Code®.

450 Pages
- 7-1/2 x 9-1/2 in.

Handbook of Electrical Design Details - McGraw-Hill Professional - MG-0071377514 - ISBN: 0071377514 - ISBN-13: 9780071377515
Hardcover, 450 pages

Handbook of Electrical Design Details


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Handbook of Electrical Design Details - McGraw-Hill Professional - MG-0071377514 - ISBN: 0071377514 - ISBN-13: 9780071377515
Hardcover, 450 pages

Handbook of Electrical Design Details


Not Available:
Out of Stock

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