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Tiling Complete
Expert Advice on Setting Tile for a Wide Range of Home Tiling Projects

By Michael Schweit & Robin Nicholas

Expert Advice for All Your Tiling Projects!

Lots of homeowner's are intrigued with the many possibilities tile provides for improving the aesthetic beauty of their homes.

But anyone who tries to design and install a new tile surface soon realizes this is truly an art and science unto itself -- with its own language, materials, tools, techniques and special skills.

If you're ready to tackle the unique challenges of a home tiling project, you'll really appreciate the breadth and depth of information in Tiling Complete.

Brought to you by two tiling experts -- each with over 20 years as working professionals -- this all-encompassing manual delivers everything you need to handle any tiling job from start to finish.

The authors of Tiling Complete even point out several types of tiling projects -- with potentially costly repercussions -- that are best left for the professionals.

Loaded with 850 full color photographs and detailed instructions in clear, precise language, Tiling Complete makes it a breeze to get the job done right -- even if you're a novice.

Here are a few examples of what you'll find:

  • Learn about the wide variety of tile types, from standard ceramic, porcelain and terra-cotta pavers to natural stone, glass, specialty and trim tile
  • Discover the natural characteristics of each (hardness, softness, durability) and which work best for specific applications and situations
  • Find out about design options that include color, d├ęcor and style, tile size, shape and orientation, and combining tile with other materials
  • Get expert advice about tools and techniques for everything from preparation, demolition and repair to cutting, drilling, installing, grouting and caulking tile
  • Gain a working knowledge of installation materials, membranes, substrates, adhesives, grout sealants, caulks -- and how to choose what's right for your job
  • Explore the finer points of tiling floors, countertops, walls and backsplashes -- with step-by-step instructions to make your finished product a thing of beauty
  • If you'd like to enhance your home with the unique texture and beauty of tile, here's a book that delivers all the expertise you'll need to get amazing results.

Soft-cover, 9-3/16 x 10-7/8 in., 240 pages, with 850 full color photos and drawings
Published 2008

ISBN 978-1-56158-812-1

Tiling Complete - Taunton Press - RC-T070864 - ISBN: 1561588121 - ISBN-13: 9781561588121
Paperback, 234 pages

Tiling Complete

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Tiling Complete - Taunton Press - RC-T070864 - ISBN: 1561588121 - ISBN-13: 9781561588121
Paperback, 234 pages